Sunday, April 10, 2011

The Civil War Genealogy Blog Challenge

I have just, just started thinking about writing and blogging about my ancestors and memories. I thought that maybe writing of my intentions, would be an impetus to actually write about my Civil War ancestor.

Therefore, I plan on writing about my G-G-Grandfather Charles Barker Todd. He was an interesting guy. He was wounded at Spotsylvania, and eventually died of lead poisoning from the minie ball that could never be successfully extracted. Meanwhile he served as a juror on the Haymarket Riot trial in Chicago. This is the famous anarchist trial that is studied by many around the Chicago area.

My challenge is to stick-to-it, and actually write this stuff down. Not much research needed. I just need to

One of the fun parts of searching for ancestors, is finding relatives as well. While posting my writing intentions, I found that Bill West the originator of this challenge is a distant cousin through common progenitor Richard Barker, from England who dies in Massachusetts. Small World! Bill's blog

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