Sunday, May 8, 2016

Happy Mother's Day!  

While searching for a favorite photo of my mom, I got caught up in a time-waster of making a family tree of photo's of the mothers in my lineage.  Of course, I don't have photo's of many of them, but I do have quite a few.

Amazing and miraculous to me is the thought that if ANY of these pregnancies, births, childhoods etc. had gone wrong, many of us would not be here. One cell dividing incorrectly. One genetic birth defect and this tree would fall apart. It is kind of mind boggling.

The root person on this tree is Amy Spaulding Barker who was the daughter of one of our Revolutionary Patriots! We are looking at the FACE of the American Revolution! Actually she was born after the war, and was the daughter of his 2nd wife, but he was only 33 when she was born, but hey, it's kind of cool.

Also of note is that Mike, Patrick and Kasper are not pictured here. It's a Mother's Thing. And we do know what they look like.  I'd like to add that some of the mothers depicted here really have to work on getting photos taken of themselves and their kiddos. Just sayin'. I might have worked harder at finder better pictures, but this had already sucked up more time than I wanted it to. The by-product is that it helps me organize my genealogy photos.

If anyone wants me to replace their photo with one that they prefer, you can send me the photo and I will do so.

Here are the alternate photos of Mom and Grandma that I considered. They're all good ones!

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