Monday, April 21, 2008

So hard to believe

It's very hard to believe that I am actually going to create a blog. It seems so ridiculously narcissistic to think that anyone would want or care to read what I have to say. But I have found that I sometimes need a place to "Put" pictures and charts and stuff that I want to show to other people.
This is, therefore my first post. I have nothing to say. It's Monday morning. Alarm did not go off properly this morning so Patrick (DS) had to rush through his shower, making him very crabby. Maddie's (DD) gym uniform escaped the laundry hamper and was sitting next to the washer and did not get washed. She was crabby and had to take Patrick's old uniform to school. My i-Pod has frozen up - and I'm not too happy about that. Bob, (DH) lost his glasses, A typical Monday morning in the Jeffers' house.

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